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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

What's On My Happy List?

Trump Triumphant!
Mak'in America Great Again!


Too see the Clinton's elitist empire of power, greed, and corruption 


along with 
the liberal biased media... 
and Hollywood...
and the Washington establishment...  
AND the whiney hypocritical liberals who preach tolerance and diversity yet the second you don't conform to their way of thinking you are the evil one...and yet they are the ones out protesting, holding riots and burning the American flag. Pretty vile and unAmerican! Just say'in. 



that you didn't get it your way

I died of happiness. 

Did you hear the silent majority for Trump ROAR?  

I feel like the forgotten, average, hard working American's voice was finally heard. And they were saying enough is enough! 


Here's just a few reasons why I {and 59 + Million deplorables} voted for Trump:

I voted for Supreme Court Justices who will uphold and adhere to the Constitution. 

I voted for Religious Liberty. 

I voted for Homeland Security, building THE WALL, and knocking the @#$* out of ISIS. 

I voted for immigrants coming here the right way..legally and vetted to the highest degree.  

I voted for a revitalized economy that will create more jobs. 

I voted for Law and Order.

I voted for "draining the swamp"...exposing the truth and ridding the government of corruption and pay to play schemes.  

I voted for everyone being equal under the law as NO ONE is above the law.  

I voted for digging ourselves out of 19 Trillion dollars of debt.

I voted for protecting the unborn. 

I voted for supporting our troops, building up our military, and taking care of our Veterans. 

I voted for fair trade deals. 

I voted to be energy dependent.

I voted for tax cuts.

I voted for crude honesty over polished lies. 

I voted to uphold the second amendment and to keep our guns safely in our homes. 

I voted to get rid of common core and to bring education back to the States. 

I voted for the "facts" over allegations. 

I voted for better healthcare rates by repealing and replacing Obamacare. 

I voted for "all lives matter." 

I voted for less government controlling our lives.

I voted for not being "politically correct."

I voted for change and not the failed status-quo policies of Obama. 

I voted for the mocked and smeared underdog, who fought back, and yes has said some mean and rude things along the way. Don't we all?

I voted for the one not bought by any big bank, special interest group, or foreign country. 

I voted for a non politician, an outsider, a no b.s. kind of guy who is a successful businessman... who has incredible work ethic and who has raised AMAZING hardworking children. He's a fighter and bold patriot who loves his country and has a huge heart. He wants to help ALL Americans of any race, color, or sexual orientation achieve the American dream {despite what the spewing hate "left" may say with their propaganda.}  If you don't know what Trump's vision is for America, do your research and educate yourself accurately on his policies before you pass judgement.  He is not doom and gloom.  

I voted for the one who will put "we" the AMERICAN people first! 

I witnessed a modern day political miracle last night. Trump defied all odds. I am proud as heck to say I voted for Trump and
to call him Mr.
President! I believe he's exactly what this country needs. 

Favorite Quote of the week by my dad: 

"I could get hit by a car and be in the hospital and it would still be a good day because Trump is going to be the President."
{I agree dad, I agree.} 

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