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Saturday, June 06, 2015

What's On My Happy List?

Kyleigh in the MTC week 3

I am doing well! My companion and I were able to commit our first investigator {their teacher} to baptism this week so that was exciting for us. I feel like I'm learning a lot. Korean is coming along slowly. 

We have to prepare a talk every week on a given topic. We find out after the sacrament on Sunday who will be giving their talk that day in the meeting. Sundays are not my favorite. It is hard preparing the talks because they have to be in Hong lamar sp? {Korean}. We don't know a lot of the language yet. Their sentence structure is backwards, and grammar forms are so different. So it's a struggle to write and have it make sense. Then you have to try and memorize it so you aren't slowly trying to read each word you wrote down. :/ 

I heard on Sun morning that Elder L. Tom Perry had passed away. One of the Elders from another district came in and asked if we knew that he had passed. I literally gasped out loud and everyone looked at me. I was all, oh I'm sorry. He was one of my favorites and I just saw him in real life. 

{at work a few months ago} 
I almost shook his hand, but I didn't. I should have. 
I really liked him so that was kinda sad news. 

Janice Kapp Perry came for a Devotional. She wrote the hymn "As Sisters In Zion", and a lot of the songs in the Children's Songbook. She gave the best talk. It was light and happy. What we all kind of needed. 

We got to host this week. 

{Go out to the curb and welcome the missionaries being dropped off} 
It was exciting, yet kinda sad because you see the missionaries saying goodbye to their families. 
A whole new district was added to our Korean branch. 
15 new sisters and 1 elder! 
All will be going to the Seoul or Seoul South Missions. 
It's going to be interesting with all these new girls. 
Bathroom time will be limited. haha. 

We are on the same classroom floor with all the missionaries learning Cambodian, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Laos, Tai, and Mong. The Elder learning Mong is a solo Elder. He is the only Elder learning to speak that language. We all say hi to each other because we're all kind of buddies up on that floor. This particular Elder walked past me the other day and said something in Mong. I was all "what did you say?" He said, "you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. That is my favorite attribute and I've just been wanting to tell you this whole time since I've met you." 

He's a sweet boy. Made my day! 

There is always way toooooo much to do :) There is just so much to remember to do that I get stressed really easily. I have no time to just sit and think about everything I need to do hahaha :) I have my ups and downs every day, I try to do my best, but most days I feel like I fall short...actually more like everyday, but I will continue to try because that's all I can do :) 

{It's like spiritual boot camp in there!} 

 There are a lot of people in my Branch that are sick so hopefully I don't catch anything!

Here is my little spiritual thought for the week!

So in one of our Devotionals someone quoted this...

"Next time Satan reminds you of your past, remind him of his future."

We already know what side will win in the end. All we can do is try our best everyday to become better people :) 

Love you all!!!


This is Sister Oragon...she is from the Philippines and she left Monday for the Daejeon Korea Mission. I love her so much! 

Polka Dot Wednesday!
The four {out of 6} of us all randomly wore polka dots yesterday so we decided to take a pic :) 

{Sister Tanner, Johns, Cooper, and Markus- who is from the Netherlands}
Sister Enderton & Hall not pictured. 
Fun to finally be able to put names to faces with those in her District.  

These Elders {in my district} are such goofballs!! I said I need a pic to send home and so one boy {Elder Hiatt} said, "get a pic of me flexing"....weirdos haha! :)

Left to right....Elder Orndorff {from Washington},
Elder Aurich {Oregon}
Elder Hiatt {Arkansas}
Elder Ulrich {Ogden, UT.}

{The two Elders on the left will be going to Busan with Kyleigh and four other sisters. 
Two Elders on the right will be going to Daejeon with Sister Tanner.}

Kyleigh loves getting drawings from Brie and Kate. She always shows them off to her district. One of Kate's latest masterpieces said this... 

"You should be grateful for Jesus. He loves us. 
We should love him cuz he gave us a family." 
{Her very own words.} 

Little 5 year old testimony right there. 
How cute is that?  

Kyleigh asked if I could send a couple of boxes of sugary cereal for one of the Elder's in her district who was having a birthday this week. 

The sisters were trying to make it as special of a day as possible for him. 

Besides the cereal I threw in some Hostess cupcakes, birthday napkins, candles and small box of matches so they can celebrate with some resemblance to a birthday cake. 

{I'm becoming pro at sending packages. Just say'in.} 

Kate's recent artwork sent to Kyleigh and her district. 
Inspired by Sister & Elder photo :) 

Hilarious story behind this one!

I think Kate is going to have some new friends! :) 

In other family news....

Seminary graduation! 

Seminary requirements are different these days. They have raised the bar! To get full credit each year in Seminary you now not only have to pass an assessment test twice a year, but complete the required reading. 
Which this year was the D & C. 
You get a certificate every year now....not just as a Senior. It's either a certification of completion, or just a certificate of attendance.  
Huge difference between the two. 
These two rocked it with certificates of completion.  


Emma attended the Senior Sunrise gathering at Ensign peak on the morning after High School graduation. At 5:57 a.m. on Thursday the 4th of June, she officially became a Senior. 
She is so happy to have homework over for a few months!

Hannah received an award at the 9th grade Junior High awards breakfast. 

Hannie's last day of school! 

She said her English and German teacher's cried because they were going to miss their students. Both are fabulous teachers. Her English teacher called me a few weeks back to tell me how much Hannah had improved on her English Sage testing. 
She told me my Hannie was a stellar kid. 
{I know that!}

Hannah and I kinda have a tradition of her going through her yearbook and she tells me what she knows about her classmates. 
{So dang funny!} 

Here is a bit of what I hear:

He's a bad trouble maker. Surprised he's not expelled, but really funny.

Never seen that person before in my life.

I don't know if that's a girl or a boy, but I think a girl.

That kid got kidnapped when he was little. 

He paints his nails black. 

He misses a lot of school, but ends up getting straight A's.

This girl is super scary. She's in my German class. I swear one day she came to school with her lips stitched together.

She cheated off my paper in 6th grade.

He stopped stalking me.

This girl was in my seminary class, and then she disappeared. She came back a month ago. She had been in JUVE. 
{as in locked up in juvenile detention} 
say what?

He's Mormon, but totally doesn't act like it.

He threw up in Math class. 

{I'M TELLING YOU. As the mom, it's very entertaining.} 

Hannah here with one of her best friends. 


Last Day of 4th Grade!

Brie's class held American Folk Tale plays a few days before school got out. 
Brie was the narrator for her play about a sailor named 
Alfred Bulltop Stormalong. They sang cute songs too!

Also that day she was able to share another one of her published books from writing workshop. This one was on her cooking lessons with grandma.  

Cute friends of Brie brought by this best friends bracelet for her on the last day of school. Brie has had some great classmates this year. 
{Although some of the boys were a little iffy. haha.}  

Her teacher had every student in the class write a letter to everyone of their classmates. What they like about them, what their talents are, what school subjects they are good at. etc. 

Oh my gosh. PRICELESS to read what the class said about my B. Olivia!
things like...

You are such a good person. 

Great personality.

Very easy going and agreeable.

Always kinda and generous.

Good example.

You're really funny.

You always have a smile on your face.

You are great at playing lava monster at recess.

What I like about you the most is you are always happy. 

You are cheerful and everyone wants to be around you. 

You're just hilarious! 

Her teacher wrote this letter to her.

Dear Brielle, 
I would say that you are close to perfect! You're beautiful, respectful, smart, and such a hard worker. Everyone likes you because you're a great friend. I have been very lucky to have you in my classroom this year. You've written wonderful poems, essays, and stories. I've enjoyed reading them. You excel in every school subject and have amazing grades. You will be missed, but I'm sure I'll see you in the halls of Longview next year.
Have a wonderful summer!
Mrs. Horne

B walking home on the last day of school...See that happy face? :)  

End of year gift for Brie's teacher and our sweet cross guard lady!
{Found jugs at Walmart.} 

printable from

Our Last Day of School Celebration! 

"Orange You Glad It's Summer"? 

free printable from from

 Hello Summer!

Water Balloon Fun! 
{See Poppi hiding behind the bush by Louie?}

Movie go'in! Pitch Perfect 2

Cupcake Bak'in!

Dub Smash'in

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