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Friday, May 06, 2016

What's On My Happy List?

Kyleigh in Korea 
mission update week 51

I'm a big girl now...
Whirlwind of a weekend. I got a special call from the mission president on Saturday night. He has asked me to train a brand new missionary for the next two transfers.  I will find out who my trainee is on Wednesday afternoon. I'm with a temporary companion, Sister Allred, until then.  There will be four Sisters training and five Elders training and we are all Americans. It's going to be an adventure. 

Met up with lots of old friends at the mission home...

My very first companion/trainer is going home...

so is Sister Call..

Ward Picnic on Saturday!

In other family news this week....

After school we headed up North to pick up Hannah's dress for the Ball. 
There just happens to be this little British dive in Layton... 

that serves yummy authentic fish and chips and  

 a fried Mars Candy Bar?!?!...

These two had dinner out with mom and dad to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants!
Another one of those Murray only dives that has been around for decades. ;)

Hannah's big day! 
She had her first ever date. To the girl's choice Spartonian Ball. 
Even though she's still a few weeks shy of turning 16....we let her go because it was a team event. Knowing she was going with this boy helped.  
{Nicest kid around.} 

The whole team had a water balloon and paint fight!
Super fun!

Before and After...

She was gone waaaayy longer than anticipated..when she did finally arrive she came barreling in the house...
"MOM!....{just like Kyleigh used to do} 

Keys locked in the car!
Took hours to remedy the situation.

In just two hours she went from this...

to this...

Emmsie did her hair and was there every step of the way helping her to get ready. 

Good thing Hannie was picking up her date and not the other way around. 
Just say'in. 
This THE most inopportune grand central station. 

I love how is boutonnière is way down yonder. Cracks me up.
Awe..does he not look 12 though?
What's so cute is that he happened to turn 16 on their date! ;)  

One of the drill moms chaperoning captured this picture!
{The night was a success.} 

After we got Hannie off to the Ball, Daddy took the rest of us {minus Brie on an outing with Aunt and twin cousins} out for Indian. Emma got to choose. She worked her butt off helping dad in our elderly neighbor's backyard earlier that day.


SO.... a little unknown fact about me.
I love the FOX NEWS Channel! 

I love Hannity! Just tell it like it is.

and these two, along with Dana Perino from "THE FIVE"

I SO ENJOY listening to the political analysts talk about the Presidential Campaign. I've been following the State Primaries...and all those election results, and so forth, for some time now.  And while I'm not an outspoken or overly opinionated individual in general, I may just pipe up and give my two cents worth when it comes to love of country, and politics.  Just so you know where my loyalties lie...let's say it's the only time I'm ever red over blue. Not surprising for a Utah Mormon, but it may be a little shocking to some that my father and I have been in the closet Trump supporters for a bit now. {Sorry Mitt!} When Trump won the Indiana Primary on Tuesday night it was cause for celebration for the two of us... My dad with his walker ...drinking his Ensure, and me short of dancing on the kitchen table. I kid. But seriously. We were both very pleased.

Now before you come pepper spray me or hold a protest rally on my street...  I know he's not the perfect candidate. I wouldn't hand pick him to be the President of the United States. Clearly he's not without his character flaws.... {but who is?...and truthfully it may come down to the lesser of the two evils}  I don't agree with everything that comes out of his mouth, but I sure agree with a heck of a lot. If he's given the chance I believe he has qualities that would serve our country well, and while I'm not going to get into all my reasons why I want him for President...{I have a list}.... I will just leave you with words from a Trump supporter by the name of K Jensen...."Trump is my anger, my frustration, my hopelessness...finding a voice. He is me, standing on the highest hill, shouting, "I'm not gonna take it anymore!" That's why I love Trump. I know it's not reasonable. I know it's not sane. And I don't care."
I say amen.
Go Trump!

Celebrated Star Wars Day!
Everyone loves Star Wars around here 
{except for me..haha} 
but we celebrated anyway. 
I put together some simple "light saber" treats with licorice and peach rings...
{found the cute print-ables on line}

the girls made their own light sabers ;)
from pvc pipe and pool noodle 
{saw the idea on-line HERE}

and they decorated them with duct tape...

Hannah video tapped our duel and what's so funny is that when we watched it can hear the Star Wars theme playing in the background.  Brie just happened to be inside playing the Star Wars theme on the piano with the front door open. So.. our light saber duel was pretty legit. haha

Brie's outfit for the day!
Senior Splash!
The water fight of all water fights amongst the Senior Class... that lasts for days.  The measures people take to get people out.... It's pretty funny. One girlfriend was trying to lure Emma out of the house making her think she was being asked to a dance {when actually she was just hiding in the bushes ready to attack with a water gun} Her plan didn't work. Cuz Emma didn't come out of the house. She was TICKED thinking that someone had actually asked her to the dance. She was so relieved to know it was a joke... and that she didn't have to go to another dance. bahaha

 A couple of nights later another girlfriend was in cahoots with Hannah to lure Emma out of the house...
It sorta worked. 
Lunch out with some lady friends...
Tried "Cous Cous" a Mediterranean Restaurant for the first time...
Did not disappoint. 

Celebrated Cinco De Mayo
My family devoured these chicken enchiladas. 
I tried a new recipe from 
that Coombs V.T.'ing lady is the bomb diggity

My little Mexican cutie patooties...
My nephew got his mission call! 
Look at him. He's such a stud!  
We went to his place for the big reveal. 
He's going to Frankfurt, Germany! 
{Lucky duck} 
You hear of missionaries going where they least expect {that would be Kyleigh} but then there are those that go where it just totally makes sense. Couldn't be a more perfect fit, for various reasons. Emmsie and Kade were born just weeks apart. 

Where does the time go my friends?


 Teacher Appreciation Gifts for Brie and Kate...

Phew...I think that's a wrap...there's A LOT that goes down in a week around here..LOL

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