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Sunday, May 22, 2016

What's On My Happy List?

Kyleigh In Korea-

mission update week 53

Missionaries after 9:30....

Hello Everyone! Since these last few weeks have been the strangest of my mission so far...and because the Korean dramas on TV are really popular here, us and the Elders have come up with a fun way to record all that is happening to us here in Dogye.....Missionaries after 9:30... This is the name of our new Missionary Drama :) we find it pretty hilarious. 

So this past week was my year mark! We went to the treat store with the Elders and bought lots of candy and then we had a meeting with our ward member who coordinates the English Classes we do...he brought a special dinner for us. I did my best to smile the whole way through. I ate pig intestines that night. Happy One Year Mark to me! Haha!

Our focus this transfer is on teaching with the spirit and how to give strong invitations to those we teach. We had Zone Meeting where we focused on doing teaching practices and studied how to be able to recognize the spirit more in our teaching.

My two favorite lines from this week...

"Lord of the Rings, it's like the Book of Mormon, only not sacred." -My comp

"Why are all the missionaries investigators weird?" -Ward Member

Sadly the last one is a valid question, sometimes its because they are the only people who talk to us. But we will find the Lord's prepared people. I am determined!

Love you all!!!
Sister Cooper

This was us eating pig intestines..
My first companion is now home, but I saw her on Saturday at the big sports day because her family moved to Masan, which is in the stake I am serving in. 

from Kyleigh's companion...

Week 2: Oh the adventures I have had!

Oh. My. Daze. The things that happen to me while in Korea.... but first to answer some of the questions sent to me!

Do you like your trainer? Yes, she is very awesome and is always like "these are the weirdest weeks of my mission so far." She has been serving for one year... But it is good to know that this isn't how it always is, but it is pretty entertaining.

What about the other missionaries in your district? The missionaries in my district are awesome we only have one Korean elder and the rest of us are from the USA. So we are always asking him to translate some of the weird strange text messages and phone calls we get. But the Elders are hilarious and great their names are Glover (UT), King (Idaho), Martin (Washington), and Song (Seoul, KR).

How's the ward? The ward is great, there are several non-Korean members (american, Japanese.. etc.). They are all really nice (the bishopric wore they sparkly ties again on Sunday (to my delight). They don't help us too much in the missionary work side of things, but they do feed us. I had my first member meal and she fed us the gumbo-esque bean sprout, squid, octopus, shellfish thing. It was terrifying, but I partook. I also had my first taste of soondae or animal intestines... We are having way too much fun here people... Winking face

Saturday we had a stake "sports" day. It was all very hilarious. My companion and I decided that they probably wouldn't make us the "dignified" missionaries partake in the sports extravaganza and we weren't planning on being there for too long since we had missionary business to take care of, so we were in our usual cute skirt/shirt combination, but little did we know that we were excepted to play sports and ALL the other missionaries there had ALL brought their sports attire, except for us... of course. But since I played sports (lacrosse) in a skirt, I was like bring it on. The elders/brothers played soccer, of course, the sisters played the most intense game of dodge-ball I have ever seen. So you have the normal set up of the half courts, but in this version if someone gets out they then proceed to stand on the surrounding the outside of the opposing sides' half of the court so that they can throw the ball at you.Astonished face (it is more intense than my explanation, but you get the jist of it.) Anyway we played 2 games against the first team and lost miserably, then the second game I was out for blood and may or may not have created a name for myself, all the other missionaries will forever remember my intense cries as I chucked that volleyball (yes we played with a very hard volleyball) at the tiny Korean sisters (who are very terrifying and competitive in their own rights). I am the reason we won... MVP all the way! Smiling face with Sunglasses

At that same activity, we had invited several investigators (if we had any who could come...we didn't, but the elders did). But one of the sister's in my ward said to us (in Korean, of course) "why are all the missionaries' investigators so weird!?!?!!" Which I must agree that the only people who will talk to us are these very very strange people. Which brings me to my next story. 

On Thursday night the missionaries had a game night. At first it was just a set of elders and us sisters and our one and very silent investigator (An Na He) planning on being at the game night for sure. We had tried to invite others, but people, these Koreans are BUSY! No time for playing games! Anyway, as my companion and I arrived at the church there was this guy standing outside. He seemed like he knew the place but we had never seen him before. He would only speak English to us too and we were trying to figure out who he was! Anyway we quickly called the Elders (Elder Glover and our District Leader Kim Hun Mo, who was on an exchange to come over!) Elders come over and we start setting up the game. (Which was that we had a whole bunch of tables set up and you had to sneak behind them in the dark and while the person in the middle has a flashlight and call your name if they can see you! It was very creepy, but fun! Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweatGhost) Anyway, our investigator shows up and we begin and as soon as we had our message and everything, a past investigator came in (he usually will come in if he sees the church is open to see if the missionaries are around and doing something fun.) So he joins in the games. Turns out that the guy who was waiting outside of the church at the beginning was a recent convert and of course Schizophrenic, we had our very nervous and silent investigator, and the past-investigator, who it turns out sales drugs to kids and has at some point punched his step-mother... So combined with the missionaries, our Schizophrenic member, silent investigator, and the drug-guy we played in the chapel of our church, in the dark, hiding-and-seek behind the tables. 😦Face with open mouth and cold sweat😬

Man. There is just not enough time to tell you all of the adventures I have had. I might have to start sending voice recordings of some sort just so you can hear about some of these moments and hear me laugh until I cry at the nonsense of some of these situations. 

Well I love you all and I hope your week is an adventure, like I am pretty positive mine will be! 

Attached are a picture of the Budda lanterns (Happy Birthday Big Guy!), Bubble Tea (look it up, it is awesome and no I didn't have the tea kind of Bubble Tea. It has these bubbles of tapioca and deliciousness), and of course the Cats I saw this morning on my way to email you all.

Hope things are going great in your neck of the woods! 

Love, 코데로 자매 (Sister Cordero) Pile of feces🤓

In other family news this week.....

Some much needed girlfriend time. Does anyone else have May brain like I do? haha 

Here's to a whole bunch of ordinary and not so ordinary randomness....

Drill tryouts! 
Hannah was so on the fence whether to do Drill again this year. She decided she wasn't, then two days before tryouts she had a change of heart. So..... here we go again on the roller coaster that is drill. ;) 
42 girls tried out! They will have a team of 30+ this year AND a new coach. 
Feeling the good vibes already. 
#29 was Hannie's lucky number!

The drill banquet for the outgoing team was this past week. 

I was put in charge of decor.  

 In other Hannah news...we finally came to a resolution over the dance dilemma. Good Grief! There may have been wailing and nashing of teeth over it all. I kid. {sort of} but we finally got that boy answered back. 

{Dance tip: In answering back to any dance we try to keep in theme of how the boy asked. Makes coming up with something soooo much easier.} 

Guess who had to do the honors of running it up to the door?  
That would be me in ghost form making a made dash to the car. in heels.

Hannie in her Aloha Attire for Spring Fling! 

We are down a car at this here are Hannie and Emmsie trying out g-ma Bell's 1992 geo wheels. 

In Kate news....
she has mastered her bike. 

Kindergarten Cowboy Program. Ridiculously Cute! 

The last song they sing is Happy Trails To You...Until We Meet Again. 
And then they show a slide show of all the Kindergarten kiddos. 
{Tugs at your heart strings...}

Water balloon fun! 

In Emma news....
Her girlfriend had a photography assignment due in her photo digital class so Emma.. 
{in her borrowed Pepto-Bismol dress} 
and another friend helped her with a photoshoot. 

Here's a sneak peak of Emma's Senior Pic photoshoot that was also this week.
Senior Mother Daughter M.A.G luncheon!

heading to the last stomp of their high school career! 

Emmsie put her older sister spying skills to work on Hannah.... on her group date! 
{too funny!} 
I had the strangest occurrence that evening. EVERYONE in the fam was gone. I was by my lonesome. The hubs had the younger two up at Scofield for the annual work day and to open up the family trailer for the season. Older two were at the dance. I do not know the last time I had a whole entire Friday evening to myself..doing absolutely whatever I wanted without interruptions.  
Sorta pleasant and weird at the same time. :) 

Some good eats with the fam at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. Poor Emmsie was stuck at home working on a school paper, job references AND sacrament mtg talk.  
{The Senior girls in our ward talked today} To hear what is still coming down the pipe assignment wise before gradation.... Seriously, will it ever end? I hear Thursday is the day of relief. If you hear a collective sigh com'in from these's from us. Just say'in.  
 My favorites this week!...
Have you heard about the new series by Downton creator Julian Fellowes, called Dr. Thorne? ...I so excited. You can watch episodes on Amazon Prime. We watched the first one. 
It is lovely. 

The song FADED by Alan Walker. Its on repeat here. Go have yourself a listen on i-tunes. 
So so good. 

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