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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What's On My Happy List?

Kyleigh in Korea
Mission update week 48 

We don't really have many investigators in our area right now so we were super excited when the Sisters in a neighboring area called us to tell us that they had not one but two referrals for us! We were stoked. One of the referrals was a girl that they met that week. This girl (I'll call her Light because her name in Korean means light) and her mom ran into the Sister Missionaries. The mom wanted her daughter to meet again with the missionaries, but Light actually lives in our area. So the other area Sister Missionaries told us to go and find the cafe/bakery that she works at and say hello and introduce ourselves to see if we could make an appointment to meet with her.

So the next day we set off to find the cafe. We had no clue how we were going to find it!! We knew the general area of where the cafe was located, but we didn't know the name of the cafe or exactly where it was. So after calling back and forth with these other Sister Missionaries we decided that our only option was to pray and trust that the Lord would lead us to it. You hear lots of stories of people on their missions saying that they didn't know what way to go or what they were supposed to do, but then they prayed and a miracle is our story.

We said a prayer outside near the bus stop and set off to find the cafe. We decided to just walk and go into as many cafe's as we saw in this downtown'ish area and ask if the girl Light worked there. On our adventure we ran into one of our ward members. We also ran into someone that we met while proselyting with the Elders. He is from China and attending University here. He speaks English so we chatted for a bit and then told the Elders that they needed to contact him because that was the third time I had randomly met him on the street! It must be fate or something. So we continued on our way and then I had a feeling we needed to cross the street so we did and headed to an area where there weren't many cafes. We stopped and looked down a side road and there was this cute little cafe. We walked in and asked if a girl named Light worked there. {This was probably the 6th cafe we had gone into.} Low and behold we had found it!

After talking with Light, who was in shock that the missionaries actually came to talk to her, her mother showed up! Which was a huge miracle and definitely not a coincidence. Light really has no religious interest, but her mom does. Her mom actually remembers meeting the Elder missionaries when she was young. They gave her a Book of Mormon, but she doesn't remember much. She has lots of religious interest and basically the same question as Joseph Smith. Why are there so many churches? So we taught her a basic Restoration lesson and gave her a Book of Mormon. It was definitely a miracle lesson.

We hope to contact the mom again sometime this week. But I realized that God really is preparing people for us to meet and teach. This older lady met the missionaries yearsssss ago, and we had the opportunity to teach her once again! No matter what happens, whether she continues to want to meet with us or not, I know that God answers our prayers and that even if we can't see the good we are doing right now it will all work out in the end :)

 Love you all!! :)

Kyleigh in Korea
Mission update week 49

So my favorite part of this past week is this story....

So there is a Filipino in our Ward named Ashley. She married a Korean who is a nonmember and they have a 2 year old little girl. Ashley's mom also lives with them here in Korea. Long story short Ashley has been struggling a lot with living here in Korea and lots of behind the scenes family struggles that I won't mention in this email. But Ashley and I get along great and I wanted to do something to make her just a little bit happier. She doesn't go outside much because her husband doesn't like her to be out and about alone and so she basically stays in the house all day....but I had an idea!

So there is another Filipino member in the area next to ours. She is about the same age as Ashley and she married a Korean man as well. But her husband is a member. So I had heard these two were good friends so I thought maybe if we plan a dinner for Ashley, her Filipino friend Jeffa, the other Sister Missionaries in Jeffa's area (Sister Hoffman and Sister Rix) and us... it would be lot's of fun. So we got everything set up and had dinner together last Tuesday night.

As we were heading out to meet the Sisters in the other Area, Ashley told me that she had actually never met Jeffa in person before and that this was her first time meeting her!! I had no clue! But the two of them hit it off and were chatting the night away and dinner went great and was so fun. But the part that made me so happy was that Ashley texted us that night. She said "thank you for creating the opportunity for me to meet Jeffa. I had so much fun and I am so happy. I love the Sister Missionaries." 
This was my missionary moment for the week. :) I love when things just turn out right! 

Love you all!!!!


 We met a less active this week and she wanted to do my hair! 

In other family news....

My B Olivia! 

So Brie has been taking private swim for a while now. 
She loves being in the water! 
Her teacher said she's a phenomenal swimmer....he's taught her what he can and it's time to progress onward and up. She had her last lesson this week. 
She was kinda bummed about that. :( 

{printable from}

 Brie's 5th grade "Amazing American" Fair
John F Kennedy was her project. 

Fun Fact:  
When Jack's pt boat was sunk by the Japanese in WWII he swam to an island 3 miles away to safety. He swam back in forth for several days trying to find help. He came across some natives that were willing to relay a message for him so he carved a SOS message on a coconut shell.  
JFK kept his lucky coconut shell on his desk in the Oval Office. 

Brie loves math!  
She brought this work sheet home the other day to show me what she is learning in her special math group at school. 
What the heck?! 
It's Algebra.  


I've had a few dress shopping trips with Hannie this week. 
{It made me really realize how lucky we were to find Emma's dress within hours on our first try.}  

Hannie and I weren't too successful the first time around. haha 

We made our way up to Layton to our lucky shop and WE FOUND THE ONE! 

{reveal at a later date}

dinner out with mom and dad!

Cleaning the church bathrooms...oh so fun! 


Her cutting skills in the kitchen are pretty amazing. ;) 

Emma's friend's surprise b-day party and downtown shenanigans.  

She attended a success seminar with a couple of her girlfriends...

She even won a prize out of the hundreds that were there. 
My dad! 

He turned 84! 
We celebrated a couple of times. :) 
He's not able to get out much since his my sisters and I brought lunch to him. 

and then we had an extended family gathering...
I love Sunday night visits with the whole fam! Good times. 
Good Food!

Went to lunch with one of my favorite people! 
We ventured to Lehi to the closest Malawi Pizza restaurant. She and her husband have served a mission in Liberia, Africa. {actually two times!} 
I knew she'd appreciate the African flair. 

My latest favorites!

Never in a million years did I think I'd watch a Korean TV series. But I have a couple of neighbors that have enjoyed some Korean shows on Netflix... 
THIS IS MY LOVE is one of them. 
Holy Cow. Totally captivated me. 
Story line is a little unusual at times, it's very sentimental, {probably why I enjoyed it so much. ha!}  BUT the sweetest love story ever, and surprisingly very clean in today's standards. 
Like I can't wait for Kyleigh to be able to watch it with me when she returns. 
It's just one season, 16 episodes. So its the perfect length. 
What's weirding me out is that Kyleigh might actually be able to understand what they are saying without reading the English subtitles. I have to admit that listening to the Asian language can drive me a tich bonkers at times, but on the other hand, I realized I have a new found appreciation for the Koreans after watching this series. Maybe part of the fascination with this show is knowing Kyleigh {and part of my heart} is over in Korea, but gosh, I really enjoyed it!   

I kinda have a problem with these. 
Could eat the whole bag. ;) 

This bumper sticker!!! 
{I so wish this was an option.}  

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