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Friday, June 12, 2015

What's On My Happy List?

Kyleigh in the MTC week 4

Hello everyone! 
I have a bunch of stuff I want to tell you all about. 
First off....Interesting fact..this past Sunday {June 7th} we had exactly 483 Elders and 483 Sisters here in the MTC. How. Cool. Is. That? 

Then we got 600 new missionaries on Wednesday! 
It was insane.

I got to help host again WHICH WAS SO MUCH FUN! You'll never guess who I saw...So I was pulling luggage around and all the sudden I hear "Kyleigh!" and I turn around. It was Cole Fetzer, my little friend {from high school} who plays hockey!!! I was so excited to see him! I almost ran up to him, but then I remembered oh my gosh, I can't hug you, so we shook hands. :) Then his host whisked him away to take him to class.  He's only here for a week and a half because he is English speaking. I hope to see him again so we can get a picture. 

{her cousin who works and teaches at the MTC} 
It's been almost four weeks and I hadn't seen him yet...
I was in a classroom with my companion... we were doing companionship study preparing a lesson.  There was a knock on the door and someone peeked in. It didn't register at first that it was Matt. Then I saw him and I screamed.... WHAAAAAAAA!!! 
I jumped up and almost tackled him. 
I made sure it was okay to hug him. 
I was telling those in my district who were in the hall.... 
We were able to talk for a few minutes and take pictures. 
It made my day! 

{I happened to be writing Kyleigh this past Monday morning when this text and picture came through on my phone from my nephew Matt...he said, "Look who I found today! She is doing great! Just talking with her for five minutes I can tell she is an awesome and obedient missionary! It was funny when she saw me she screamed and her district that was in the next classroom came out to see why Sister Cooper was screaming lol. It was good to see her! I kept passing by their class while they were at lunch or dinner so I'm glad I was able to find her!"}

Made this mama cry when I saw the two of them together!

So Kate sent pictures to the Elders. 
THEY. LOVED. THE. PICTURES. It was hilarious to watch them. They were showing off their pictures to each other, and to the other sisters in the branch. Saying oh my gosh, look what this little girl drew for me..they were comparing their pictures. etc..It was so cute!  

The look on Elder Ulrich's face when he saw all his birthday stuff that you sent was so priceless. He really didn't want to celebrate, but what boy doesn't want something on his birthday? For goodness sakes we are stuck here in the MTC. So thank you. 

On Tuesday night Sis. Linda K. Burton {General R.S. President} came and did our devotional. It was really cool.  

I met an Elder from Ireland, he was with our branch for the night as his branch had not arrived yet. Since he was international he came a day early. 

So this {experience} was pretty scary for me... Since this past Sunday was fast and testimony meeting...the day before in class we were going over how to bear our testimonies in Korean. Out of the blue our teacher bore his testimony then sat down and then he was all, "who wants to go next?" He's speaking in Korean to us... telling us to say our testimonies in Korean and if we made mistakes it was okay. People just started getting up and I was all "oh my gosh I think I'm going to have to get up and say something." 
{if you know Kyleigh well...things like this... on the spot sharing of feelings freaks her out! Almost kept her from serving a mission.} 
I was the second to last person to stand up. I was like...Heavenly Father please help me to remember the few simple things I know and how to say in Korean. 
I DID IT! It sounded okay, and it went well. 
The spirit was so cool in that classroom because all ten of us plus our two guy teachers bore their testimonies and we did it all in Korean. :) 

They have great teachers here! I like Bro Chandler's style of teaching. He let's us go out and do field trips, and we do fun activities to remember our vocab words. The teachers are great people, and really nice. So it's a lot of fun. 

I keep forgetting to tell you this....Busan has a different dialect of Korean than Seoul. It's just like in America, how those that live back East, and those in the deep South have their own accents etc. Busan's dialect is like how the Southern accents are in the U.S.  So I'm going to have a deep South, South Korean accent. It's going to be really cool!  

{I asked Kyleigh if she has been able to listen to her church music that she took with her. Kyleigh would listen to her music and bounce around the house dancing practically EVERY DAY. So I've wondered how she was managing not being able to do that any longer...haha} 

We can't listen to music in the MTC.  We aren't allowed to have our i-pods out or anything. They are much more strict here than they are out in the field, but its mostly just because they are preparing us to obey and follow rules out on our own when we have no one there enforcing it on us. So yah, NO MUSIC, which is kind of a bummer. SO I just kind of sing to myself, or do dance routines in my head. 

{I asked Kyleigh to explain more about the Korean alphabet}
The Korean Alphabet actually isn't too hard. We memorized it within the first few days. They don't have that many consonants. They have several vowels. The only ones that are really confusing are the diphthongs. 
{which are two adjacent vowel sounds occurring within the same syllable.} Sometimes I forget how to pronounce those. But it's really not too bad. Most the time we can read everything. I can pretty much sound out most words which is super nice. Sometimes our pronunciation is a little off. We just don't know what we are saying quite yet. So that's kind of where we are at right now with the language. 

{I asked Kyleigh how her Sundays differed from other days of the week, do you have three hour church? etc}
Our Sunday schedule:
Breakfast 7:20
Study/Read Scriptures/Preparing Talks etc. 
District Meeting 10:10-10:50 discuss goals/spiritual thought
Sacrament Meeting 11:30- 12:30
Relief Society 1:30-2:30
Temple Walk for an hour {visit/group pictures!} 
Back to class {visit or study} or choir practice {optional}
After Devotional we get to watch a movie! 
Which is awesome.

Sunday's are pretty chillax after Sacrament and you find out if you have to give your talk or not. haha. 

Now that we have so many more sisters in our branch they have started to call more people to speak in Sacrament meeting, so they will probably be asking three to four people each week to talk on Sundays {vs. one}. Which is frightening. This next Sunday is going to be pretty stressful. If you could, shoot up a prayer my way. 
This is the devotional everyone goes to. There is going to be like 1,500 missionaries there. Plus the Senior missionaries, the branch presidencies, and whoever is speaking on Sunday. Which we don't know yet. The MTC presidency picks the district they want to do the prayers. They look at our names and they say... we feel like we want so and so, and so and so to do it. And I was one of the so and so's. I was all thinking to myself.."I don't know why you picked me, but I'll do it." :) Pretty cool, but also pretty scary for me. I also have to teach Relief Society on Sunday. Yeah!! So I get a double whammy. Just watch me get called to give my talk on Sunday too. But yah, that's okay.  

So we now have 5 districts in our Korean branch. The oldest district {3 sisters and 3 elders} leaves in a week and a half for Seoul and the Seoul South Missions. Then there is my district of 10. {7 of us going to Busan, 3 to Daejeon} As far as the three new districts.... one district has 8 sisters, another has 7 sisters and 1 elder {he is going to Australia speaking Korean-yah you read that right}, and then the last district are native Koreans...3 sisters and 1 Elder. We have a lot of people in our Korean branch. {36} We are getting 24 more in two weeks. It's going to be hard to get to know everyone on a personal basis, but everyone is sweet and we get along pretty well. Nothing too dramatic yet.  

I love you all, thank you for your prayers. I miss you. I hope you have a good week!


My two godsends :)

Temple Walk!

British Elder is the one in the suit. We are buds :) 

In other family news....
My Hannie had a birthday!
She has a thing for giraffes. A gift from one of her best friends.

Did a little Happy/Candy theme for her. 
Candy is her fav!

I was at my best friend's son's baptism on the morn of Hannie's b-day so Hannie stayed in bed watching movies and waited to open her presents until the hubs and I got home. Emmsie took over mama duties while I was gone and made Hannah breakfast in bed. She had Mexican fiesta music playing pretending it was her quinceanera, like 15 yr old Mexican girls celebrate. 

The hubs and I took Hannie to see Age of Adeline. 
That's an enjoyable movie! 

Out for a Mexican dinner! 

We had an awesome rainstorm that night! 
Hannie was happy. 
She loves a good rainstorm. 
We all do. 

We sat on the porch to enjoy. 

 Hannah started her summer volunteering with her good friend, Emma! 

Emma and I got to see the Celtic Women in Concert this week. 
They have such gorgeous, angelic voices. And we heard the most fantastic bagpiper! 
My goodness. 
It was a most pleasant evening. 

One of Kate's, Brie's and I favorite things to do on a summer night is lay on the front lawn and watch the stars come out. 

My favorite summer read so far...

And my favorite summer watch! 
 Netflix finally added the last season episodes of our favorite TV show the GRAND HOTEL!!! Oh gosh, Emma and I were seriously jumping up and down when we found out that new episodes had been added.  
LOVE, LOVE this Spanish series.  

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